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Hi everyone!

I guess you guys have suspected that this is long time coming but we have decided to discontinue the blog. After the past season continuing on to this season, there have been a lot of changes in the club. And while we will always be madridistas, we see that some players have done certain disrespectful acts against el madridismo and we can’t continue posting about them because running this blog means posting about all of the players. 

We have said goodbyes to many players that we love and seen the team and the players change into something we had hoped they wouldn’t.

Initially when we first started, this was really exciting but it’s no longer fun for us. Thank you so much for everyone who has followed us or sent us this information. It meant a lot to us. But there are so many other wonderful Real Madrid blogs so you guys will be still very well informed! :)

Again, many thanks to everyone!


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Nagore via instagram

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enzo vieira and ivan modric go to the same school :)))))) (photo is from rm_wags instagram) 

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Despite being one of the most famous and in-demand footballers on the planet, Cristiano Ronaldo still makes sure he spends time with those closest to him.

It was a family affair for the Real Madrid star on Saturday when he took his girlfriend, Irina Shayk her mother, Olga, and a friend out for dinner and to a Flamenco-Café in Madrid, Spain.

He was also joined by his three-year-old son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, who was cared for by the Portuguese captain’s brother, Hugo Aveiro and his niece Alicia.

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