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#20: Gonzalo Higuain: Ezequiel Garay

Ever since Pipita and Eze started to play for Real Madrid, sparks started flying. Maybe it was their Argentinian roots, but the two started finding comfort in each other. They have been reported as saying that they enjoy going to the park together, spending some quality time. However, in the beginning of the 2011/2012 season, Eze was sold to Benifica, much to Pipita’s dismay. We hope the two maintain a long distance relationship, but Pipita has been spotted trying to get ‘closer’ with Mesut, defending him in a heated moment in el clasico. From romance during training sessions to wild nights throughout Argentina, they have done it all! We hope the best for them! <3
DISC: Pipita and Eze are probably not together and this might not be the most accurate post.
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Ezequiel Garay and girlfriend

Ezequiel Garay and girlfriend

Have you guys seen this yet? I think this is about Eze Garay called on his gf on the phone when she is starring on a reality show… or something like that


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electresque said:
Is there any pic of Eze Garay and his gf together? I'm really curious about his girlfriend... (I think she's a model and a TV presenter in Spain but idk)

its really hard to find decent quality pictures but i did find videos of them together. here are the link: 



i hope that helps. 

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Anonymous said:
Does Garay have a girlfriend?

as far as we know, he was dating tamara gorro. there are pictures of them together, so we thought they were dating. 

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