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#9. Karim Benzema 

Karim’s last known relationship was with Sarah. Here’s the info we have about their relationship. As of right now, we’re not sure if he is dating anyone or not. But we will post it as we find out.

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#8: Ricardo Kaka: Caroline Celico

Born on the 26th of July, 1987, Caroline Celico met Ricardo Kaka at the age of 15. After years of dating, Kaka proposed to Carol in Venice and the couple tied the knot on December 23rd, 2005. They are both devout evangelical Christians and are very involved in that part of their lives. Together, they have released a CD, full of religiously inspired songs; one specific song, Presente de Deus, was written by Kaka himself for Carol. Carol was not able to have kids due to a medical condition the first few years of marriage. However, with medical help and a little miracle, the pair have two kids named Luca (born 10 June 2008) and Isabella (born 23 April 2011). The seem like the perfect family and we only wish them the best!
"When his father is not around, Luca points everywhere: on the grass, the ball on TV. One day we were at the market, he saw a bottle of Gatorade (Kaka is a poster boy for Gatorade) and said aloud: ‘Daddy, Daddy!’ I replied: ‘It’s Dad and yes we will take him home!" - Caroline Celico
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#7. Cristiano Ronaldo: Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk (Irina Shaykhlislamova) is a Russian model who graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2011. In addition to the coveted magazine cover, she has appeared in countless other magazines and represents various international brands. At the moment, Irina is busy working as a host for Russia’s Next Top Model. Irina and Cristiano reportedly met while they were both working for the Spring/Summer 2010 Armani Exchange Campaign. The two have been together since then. Though they started out as an extremely private couple, the two have been appearing on various events and award ceremonies together. Irina seems to be a regular at Real Madrid’s home games. It seems like the couple have a great bond with each other’s families as they are often seen vacationing together. We wish them all the luck for their future! 
I’m in love and I’m happy. Don’t you see it? - Irina Shayk, CHI Magazine (x)
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#6. Sami Khedira: Lena Gercke

Lena Gercke is a model and a TV host who shot to fame when she won the first cycle of Germany’s Next Top Model. She has also been the host of Austria’s Next Top Model. The two started dating in 2011 after meeting through their acquaintances. The pair have been spotted in many events together (including fashion shows and tennis tournaments). Sami and Lena posed together for GQ Germany. The lovely couple looked very comfortable with each other as they opened up about their relationship. Although, Lena travels extensively due to her work, she expressed that her home base was in Madrid with Sami. 
Sami: If both of us want something, then it works out. Of course it’s different when you work in the same city and meet up in the evenings on the sofa. But if you want something from the heart, then it works out. I think it’s a lovely thing, when we don’t see each other for a week and look forward to the moment when we are together again.

Lena: We do things ordinary couples do too. Sometimes [when we are out] people want Sami’s photograph but that’s to be expected. I have my house in Berlin and another in New York. I needed, after the helter-skelter of the past few years a home-base where I can unwind. And that is here with Sami in Madrid. We live rather quietly when I come here because I have no interest in going out, just being together. 
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#5. Fábio Coentrão: Andreia Santos

If rumors are to be believed, Fabio met Andreia at someone’s wedding anniversary. Fabio and Andreia had not been together for long when he was reported as saying that she was ‘the woman of [his] life.’ The two got married in May 2010 at Fabio’s aunt’s house. Andreia was seven months pregnant and the couple welcomed their baby daughter Vitória in July of 2010. We wish the couple good luck for the rest of their marriage and hope that they are with the Real Madrid family for a long time.
“We’ve been together a year and she lives with me in Lisbon. She is beautiful and is an excellent person, which gives me stability and it is not easy to find a woman like her.” -Fábio about Andreia [x]
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#4. Sergio Ramos 

Sergio’s last known relationship was with journalist/reporter Lara Alvarez. They allegedly broke up after the Euro Cup. Currently, there has been no information regarding his relationship status. We will try our best to keep up with the updates!

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#3. Pepe: Ana Sofia

Pepe met Ana Sofia in Porto when he played for FC Porto and when she was studying at the local university. She studied medicine and joined Pepe in Madrid after finishing her studies in Portugal. Pepe has said that she provides great support for him and keeps him grounded. Pepe and Ana Sofia have a daughter who was born on August 27th, 2012 (est.).

Update:They named their daughter Sofia. (x)
Me? There are some things. One day, around the time when I started going out with Sofía, I was on vacation and I had to go to Brazil. I was there for a couple of days, and then I returned to Portugal. Then I went back to Brazil again, then back to Portugal. And when I went to Brazil for the third time, that was when I told her, you have to come with me, because I can’t be without you now. She was studying for the university entrance exam, and when she finished with it, we took a flight and went to Brazil. -Pepe, when he was asked what was the most romantic thing he has done for his girlfriend
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#2: Raphael Varane

Raphael Varane and Camille Tygat were spotted together during the Madrid Open 2013. The two might have been together for a while now; no concrete information regarding the duration of their relationship. Camille is rumored to be a law student. 

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#1. Iker Casillas: Sara Carbonero

Currently working for the spanish TV channel Telecinco, Sara Carbonero is a sports journalist/reporter. She was born on 3 February, 1984 in Toledo, Spain. In addition to reporting for Telecinco, she writes for the Madrid-based sports newspaper, Marca and has a monthly column for Elle Espana. Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero are rumored to have met during the confederations cup in 2009. They have been together since then. They live together in Madrid with their dog Doce. We hope the lovely couple remain happy for many many years to come! 

Update: Iker and Sara are expecting a baby! (x)

Its a joyous day. I’m very happy. I think we deserved it in the end. I dedicate this to the people that have always supported me…. my parents, my brother… my friends, you. - Iker Casillas after winning the World Cup 2010. 

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